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“Equipment Delays” is a 5-Step Simulation™ focused on ways to make and communicate effective decisions.

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Product Description

This 5-Step Simulation™ is intended for leaders and professionals who need to make decisions that affect business results. It may also be useful for other employees or in preparation for a leadership or project manager role. In this simulation, the leader has to analyze a situation affecting a major project, make a decision about what to do, and then communicate with others who will have to implement the decision.

This simulation may be done individually. Partners may be used, if desired and realistic for the real-life decision making environment. (If leaders make decisions by consulting with peers in your organization, then partners may be appropriate. If decisions get made alone, then partners are not recommended.)

Skills/Competencies Applied: Decision making, analyze information, problem solving, leadership, leading teams.

Time: 45-60 minutes

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