New LearningSim Offering: Training and L&D Coaching

Over the years, I have repeatedly been brought in to help establish training, learning, and development groups in corporate organizations. I developed a package of tools and documented processes to bring to other clients who need it. When an organization needs to build out its L&D function or take training to the next level, I am the person to contact for help.

The best people for me to talk to are HR VPs, Chief Talent Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Directors of Learning & Development, or other learning leaders. Typically, these are going to be people in organizations where the need for learning is acknowledged, but the infrastructure, people, processes, culture, and technology are not where the company wants it to be.

Depending on the need and the scope, this might be a 3-6 month in-depth engagement that transitions to coaching for leaders and staff for another 6-12 months after the main effort. Organizations that have greater change readiness would move quickly; those needing more time would want to phase in changes and improvements over a longer period.

Processes and services covered might include:

  • Establishing the training group, including its strategy, structure, goals, services, processes, internal service agreements, key metrics, and other features
  • Getting the right talent: Internal staff, contractors, vendors, and consultants
  • Selecting and implementing learning technology (authoring tools, LMS, LXP, VILT platforms, or e-learning content hosting platforms)
  • Upskilling staff with training and coaching on instructional design, ILT or VILT training delivery, evaluation, performance consulting, learning technology, project management for learning, or management of learning
  • Upgrading core processes: Intake and needs assessment, instructional design, blended learning development, internal communication and marketing of learning, or evaluation processes and strategy


Results clients should expect include:

  • Greater capacity to design and deliver training
  • Better targeting of learning solutions to business needs
  • Learning metrics tied to business KPIs (or having metrics for learning where none existed before)
  • Greater reach and effectiveness of learning programs
  • Greater efficiency and better use of subject matter experts’, designers’, and managers’ time
  • Increased utilization and transfer of learning programs, resulting in increased knowledge and skills needed to execute key business strategies or initiatives
  • Greater confidence, capacity, and speed of L&D leaders and senior professionals in responding to business requests for training and learning


If you have a need to take learning to the next level, or know of someone who is considering it, please contact me: Steve Semler, Chief Learning Architect & Accountability Coach, LearningSim. And if this just seems intriguing and you’d like to chat to find out more, use this link to schedule a call to chat!

One comment on “New LearningSim Offering: Training and L&D Coaching

  1. Steve Semler says:

    Why so long between blog posts?

    Overall, low demand from readers!

    I like to respond to what my contacts and clients are asking for. That has not been blog posts, but more in-person, one-on-one advice and consultation. I have posted more articles on LinkedIn than this blog in that time frame. Feel free to reach out and/or suggest topics.