Simulation Example: Online Branching Simulation

This simulation example was an online course in career coaching for 3,500 managers of a global manufacturing company. The course was offered in 7 languages to all management-level employees of this company around the world. The simulations followed two brief setup sections that explained what career coaching is and how to do it well. Learners […]

Estimating L&D Project Times

When I was the Director of L&D at The Schwan Food Company, I kept track of the kinds of learning and development projects that my teams worked on. They fell into some pretty consistent buckets of time, effort, and cost. Across different companies and clients, those buckets have remained pretty consistent. It has given me […]

Budget for Skill Practice

“There was this one time,” the tale begins, and that draws the learners into the world of story. Shakespeare took it even farther, writing, “the play’s the thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.” Getting people into the “play” and engaging them with story is incredibly effective as a way to learn. Remember […]