Without Practice, there is no skill.
Simulations make perfect practice.

Cost Effective // Engaging // Better Results

LearningSim makes simulations easy to use.

Simulations and cases as skill practice for training use the age-old principles of storytelling. The more that training can feel like real work, the more impact it has. The LearningSim advantage is about putting your learners into the story with deliberate practice. We know what questions to ask in order to very quickly understand your business and the challenges facing your learners. Then, we use that knowledge to create specific scenarios that stretch the learners’ skills. Whether the learning is online or classroom-based, it feels like real work and builds skill faster than other methods.

We Get Better Results

The closer that learning activities are to real work, the better the learning transfers to the real world. Real-world relevance is why LearningSim's 5-Step Simulations™ strike the perfect balance of complexity, engagement, power, and ease of use.

We Are Different

Most training firms are very cautious about letting their customers change their content. We offer the flexibility and permission to tailor, edit, change, and create new material to meet the specific needs of your training audiences

“The real world has a lot of rough edges. Simulations are sharp only where necessary.”

–Steve Semler, LearningSim founder

Use Custom Simulations to...

  • Get your learners more engaged with realistic skill pratice
  • Tie together multi-session-programs
  • Get better learning results with less time invested
  • Equip leads and managers to deliver high-quality training
  • Get more business impact from training

We make simulations easy to use

  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Large Workshops
  • Custom Scenarios
  • Do-It-Yourself Templates

Nena B. Director of Instructional Design

"Steve's ability to visualize the learners and make the content come 'alive' even when they are alone [through WBT] is amazing. Stimulating and realistic—a hard combination to achieve when the media has to carry it all. But he does it.

Adam W. Training Consultant

"Steve is an incredibly gifted designer. He provides clients with a wealth of knowledge, a straight-forward approach, and a knack for creating solutions that just flat out work. His simulations create tremendous value for any organization serious about improving learning and lasting impact.”

Get Expert Help with Custom Simulations

  • 30 years of experience authoring simulations
  • Easy process to follow
  • Classroom, online, or OJT
  • Minimal time investment, maximum results
  • Rave reviews from clients
  • HR and Training leadership experience that understands the pressure on your department
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Increase transfer, engagement and motivation of learning by 50% or more!

Online or in the classroom, simulations are an engaging, cost-effective training tool. LearningSim helps you select and use simulations strategically to improve learner performance.

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