Feedback and Blogging

Taking a side track here to explain an 8-month break in posting new content on this LearningSim blog.

I have continued to be busy with client work, fortunately:

  • E-learning design and development for global mobility specialists
  • Custom simulation and case study writing for several clients
  • Developing training to support an HR re-classification of exempt workers to non-exempt status (including training for their managers)
  • Developing training strategy for an integrated business process organizational change
  • Pilot work with virtual reality (VR) training
  • Leading the effort to craft a virtual training strategy and select a virtual classroom platform for an organization changing its recruitment and hiring strategy to bring in (and train) many more remote workers

But the real reason for my lack of posting is that I do not get comments or feedback here on the LearningSim site. (I do get somewhere around 10 attempted spam posts a day, half in Russian, 80% of the rest in broken English, that I have to moderate and batch-dump into the spam/trash system.)

This is similar to learning. A key component of human learning is feedback. When feedback is present and appropriate, learners persist. When feedback is present and inaccurate or poorly presented, learners become discouraged and stop trying. When feedback is absent, learners often cease attempting to perform the target behaviors. So, too, with blogging. Social media with no social feedback is simply an online diary–good for having a place to put one’s writing, but not worth much extra expenditure of effort.

If you happen across this post–or others on this site–and find it valuable, please post a comment. Feedback is always welcome.