2024 Cost Estimates for Learning Design

You’ve explored the client’s needs and wants. You’ve gathered data about what the learners need to do differently on the job. You’ve verified that training will help build the knowledge and skills that the business needs. You’ve gained agreement from the sponsors to do training. The next step is to figure out how much this […]

LearningSim Blog turns into Newsletter!

Hi folks! While there is a lot of good information here in the “blog archive” for LearningSim, you can get my current leadership, coaching, and mental fitness newsletter here: https://stevesemler.ck.page/profile Here is an example of the current newsletter to whet your appetite! Turning Techies into Leaders Everybody has a leadership horror story, but it’s not […]

New LearningSim Offering: Training and L&D Coaching

Over the years, I have repeatedly been brought in to help establish training, learning, and development groups in corporate organizations. I developed a package of tools and documented processes to bring to other clients who need it. When an organization needs to build out its L&D function or take training to the next level, I […]

Training Manager, this is your Job

I was working with the site training managers for a mining company not long ago, and I realized that none of them knew what their jobs were really about. As in many companies, they were focused on compliance, scheduling classes, tracking completions and hours, and just generally doing what the boss wanted them to do. […]

Battle of the Planets: Part 1, Mars (What Consultants want from HR Leaders)

  I have a secret to share with HR leaders: You can get more from your consultants. Consultants may sometimes seem like they are from Mars, while you are from Venus, but there are ways for both of these planets to prosper. You both want to succeed. Knowing what people from “that other planet” want […]

Leadership Lessons from 9/11

I had the dubious privilege to be in New York City on September 11, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was destroyed. I was delivering a new training seminar for the American Management Association, “Leading Edge Training Techniques: A Lab for Senior Trainers.” We had just started to gather for our second day of […]

QA on a Training Program?

Quality Assurance for Training: Is it worth the effort? This is a definite, solid maybe. We want to make sure that each program meets the needs of the learners, the standards of our training group, and the technical requirements of the delivery system we are using. This applies to computer-based training or online training (OLT), […]

Synergy – More than just a Corporate Buzzword

When you read or hear the words “synergy” or “synergize,” you might have the same sort of reaction I originally did. I rolled my eyes and muttered something about corporate-speak buzzwords. Then, I looked up what it really means, and I tried to find a simpler, more normal way of saying it. Here’s a definition: […]