Writing Business Fiction

I sometimes explain what I do as “business fiction writing.” This always gets a surprised look and a questioning, “What?” reaction. So I explain: “I go into a client’s business and find out what’s challenging or difficult about the topic they want to train on. And I talk with some learners to understand what their […]


Being an introvert with an Analytical social style, it takes almost nothing at all for me to over-complicate things. I’m getting ready to go to the Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference here in Minnesota. I looked at my material this morning and shook my head. “I really ought to get this across in just […]

Cost Estimates for Learning Design

You’ve heard loud and clear what the execs want. You’ve gathered some data about what the learners need to do differently on the job. You’ve verified that training will help build the knowledge and skills that the business needs. You’ve managed to get some agreement from the sponsors to do training. The next step is […]