Inclusion & Diversity in Training

Know your audience. Do the right thing. Those are two of the guiding principles I use in my training and HR work. Beyond my passionate focus on learning for performance, I strive to promote inclusion and diversity in the stories, scenarios, and cases I write. Inclusion for me is the sense of “make this welcoming […]

Writing your own Business Cases

There are a lot of good uses for custom business cases. They can expose people to new ideas or situations, or document important decisions made by the organization. A good business case tells an exciting story right up to the point of the critical decision—readers are hooked, they are into the story, they understand what’s […]

Simulation Example: Skill Practice Bringing it Together

This simulation example was for a large group workshop of 80 IT Solutions Consultants. They attended a training session on eight different consulting skills, and needed a way to practice the skills together in a realistic way. The sample simulation for Skill Practice is in the LearningSim portfolio. Situation   Need   Solution “We’re teaching a […]