Budget-Friendly L&D Tools

The eLearning Guild has come out with a new, free ebook on some of the best high performance, low-cost tools for L&D professionals. While I am a devoted story, script, and scenario writer, there are many things I need to do as an architect, designer, and developer where a good tool can save me time. […]

CLO Magazine – Avoiding the Curse of the Consultant

I believe strongly in professional consulting standards. In fact, each of the certifications I have taken and the professional associations to which I belong have ethics or practice guidelines that emphasize building real capability in the client organization. I do not want the client to become dependent on my services. Instead, I want them to […]

Are We Expecting Too Much?

I’ve had clients lately who have been great. I have also had clients who have wanted far more than their agreed-upon budget and timeline would allow. I’m wondering if the current wave of low cost, easy to use tools might be creating unrealistic expectations in the minds of learners, learning managers, and sponsors of learning. […]

Estimating L&D Project Times

When I was the Director of L&D at The Schwan Food Company, I kept track of the kinds of learning and development projects that my teams worked on. They fell into some pretty consistent buckets of time, effort, and cost. Across different companies and clients, those buckets have remained pretty consistent. It has given me […]

Cost Estimates for Learning Design

You’ve heard loud and clear what the execs want. You’ve gathered some data about what the learners need to do differently on the job. You’ve verified that training will help build the knowledge and skills that the business needs. You’ve managed to get some agreement from the sponsors to do training. The next step is […]

QA on a Training Program?

Quality Assurance for Training: Is it worth the effort? This is a definite, solid maybe. We want to make sure that each program meets the needs of the learners, the standards of our training group, and the technical requirements of the delivery system we are using. This applies to computer-based training or online training (OLT), […]

It’s Not the Design that takes Time…

Where does the time go? I realized recently as I was going over some simulation work for a banking client that it’s really not the design and writing of the simulation that takes the most time. It’s really the reviews, edits, tweaks, and project logistics that seem to add up. Writing is a fairly simple, […]