Simulation Example: Theme for a Multi-Session Program

  Situation   Need   Solution “We’re teaching a multi-part leadership program and each session covers different skills.” “We don’t have a lot of time for skill practice! How do we tie the leadership theme together across all of the different sessions?” “Apply the skills to a relevant business case that runs throughout the program!” […]

5 Ways to Use Simulations

Simulations make training more effective. They can also deliver better results in less time, or tie together different topics in a program. Here are five examples of where I have used simulations to help clients achieve desired outcomes. See if any apply to your situation.   Put it all together. A group of 80 IT […]

Simulations: Going from Classroom to Online

Not all that long ago, I was working on some projects where the content had previously been taught in a classroom setting, but the client wanted to move the training online. The goal was to make it easier and faster to reach a large audience with consistent results. As I worked with these sims, I found […]