Simulation Model – Presentation Skill Simulations


This template shows trainers how to use the 5-Step Simulation™ method to create and deliver simulations about giving effective presentations.

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Product Description

This 5-Step Simulation™ is for people learning or practicing giving presentations. This is a generic simulation—feel free to change the specific topic, goals, presentation audience, or conditions and requirements to make this fit your training audience. In this simulation, the learner has to prepare, build, and deliver a presentation to a group of other people.

This simulation requires access to the information and tools required to perform the task. This may include presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint®, and an appropriate presentation setting. Also, a partner or group may be required, depending on the nature of the presentation and the kind of environment you want to create.

Trainer Preparation: Assign a topic and a purpose (or let the learners choose their own) and appropriate information and resources to the learners.

Skills/Competencies Applied: Presentation skills, job skills, public speaking.

Time: 60 minutes + 15 minutes for each learner presentation

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