Simulation – Influence – Winning a Seat at the Table


“Winning a Seat at the Table” focuses on using influence, rather than the power of the role or position, to get needs met inside an organization.

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Product Description

This 5-Step Simulation™ is for people who need to use influence, rather than the power of their role or position, to get the needs of their constituents met inside an organization. In this simulation, the learner represents a group of people who create custom products for customers, but do not have input into the sales process. The challenge is to win “a seat at the table” so that the people who do the work are included in the initial sales conversations. The learner has to bring up the issue in conversation, influence stakeholders, and gain agreement. With modification or skillful facilitation, this simulation can be used for any situation in which an individual needs to use influence to gain a bigger role in organizational decision making.

This simulation requires a partner. Partners play different roles, depending on the learners’ choices, and have information that the learners do not have.

Skills/Competencies Applied: Influencing others, gaining agreement, making proposals, collaboration, teamwork.

Time: 45-60 minutes

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