New LearningSim Offering: Training and L&D Coaching

Over the years, I have repeatedly been brought in to help establish training, learning, and development groups in corporate organizations. I developed a package of tools and documented processes to bring to other clients who need it. When an organization needs to build out its L&D function or take training to the next level, I […]

5 Ways to Use Simulations

Simulations make training more effective. They can also deliver better results in less time, or tie together different topics in a program. Here are five examples of where I have used simulations to help clients achieve desired outcomes. See if any apply to your situation.   Put it all together. A group of 80 IT […]

Designing Effective Simulations

Training Simulations Improve Learning Outcomes Research shows that learning activities that recreate work situations improve transfer of learning (Swanson & Holton, 1999). Aviation, civil emergency preparedness, business management, and medicine all use realistic scenarios to teach or improve complex skills. When the cost of failure is high and when the performance arena uncertain, simulations are […]