Being an introvert with an Analytical social style, it takes almost nothing at all for me to over-complicate things. I’m getting ready to go to the Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference here in Minnesota. I looked at my material this morning and shook my head. “I really ought to get this across in just one page!” I said to myself. “When people want more detail, they will ask. After all, I’m telling people that I make simulations easy. I should simplify.”

My learning activity from 2009 was six pages long. I want to get the same impact on just one page. To make it simpler, I revised the Rapid Simulation Design template. It makes a nice complement to my Mad Libs®-style intro to simulations.

Check these out. (The links have the pdf versions.) I think you’ll find them useful, if you have any simulation work to do. Let me know if this is hitting the right level of simplicity.



Rapid Simulation Design Template


Mad Libs® LearningSim Style