Simulation Example: Skill Practice Bringing it Together

This simulation example was for a large group workshop of 80 IT Solutions Consultants. They attended a training session on eight different consulting skills, and needed a way to practice the skills together in a realistic way. The sample simulation for Skill Practice is in the LearningSim portfolio.

Situation   Need   Solution
“We’re teaching a package of eight related consulting skills, and we have skill-specific practice covered for each.” “But people don’t use just one skill at a time in real life! How do we put it all together and make it stick?” “Do skill practice with simulations at the end of the workshop!”

What would it take?

  • Deliverables – Create 4 simulation scenarios, each one page or less, all focused on a similar set of skills for ILT classroom delivery. Interview subject matter experts (SMEs) for the scenario and skill context. Include facilitator notes for each scenario and for the full activity.
  • Time – Performance need and context research: 9 hours. Writing: 8 hours. Reviews, edits, and finishing: 8 hrs. (Total: 25 hours)
  • Cost – About 6 hours of consulting/development time per case.

Challenges, Tips & Results

Challenges   Tips   Results
  • Learners needed to apply several different skills to the challenge, but they learned the skills separately
  • Not everyone would get to practice individually because of the group training environment
  • Limited time to cover a lot of material
  • Include only the details needed to support practice
  • Choose scenarios that are very common in the work environment
  • Use facilitators to help the participants “fill in the gaps” and give good facilitator instructions
  • Strong participant engagement and skill development
  • Dealing with their own real-life issues increased on the job flexibility
  • Strong participant and sponsor reactions; the program was repeated