Simulation Example: Theme for a Multi-Session Program


Situation   Need   Solution
“We’re teaching a multi-part leadership program and each session covers different skills.” “We don’t have a lot of time for skill practice! How do we tie the leadership theme together across all of the different sessions?” “Apply the skills to a relevant business case that runs throughout the program!”


What would it take?

  • Deliverables – Create a threaded business case with 5 parts, each part 1-2 pages and focused on a different skill, using a common scenario that develops sequentially across the case. Develop the case as a simulation for ILT classroom delivery, with a final “capstone” challenge that requires the use of multiple skills and a presentation to an executive panel. Interview subject matter experts (SMEs) for the scenario and skill context. Include facilitator notes for each scenario and for the full activity so that a subject matter expert (instead of a professional trainer) could facilitate the experience, if needed.
  • Time – Performance need and context research: 12 hours. Writing: 11 hours. Reviews, edits, and finishing: 8 hrs. (Total: 31 hours)

Challenges, Tips & Results


Challenges   Tips   Results
  • Complex business issue required simplification for the case
  • Audience needed graphics added to more easily grasp the situation
  • Participants had limited opportunity to use some skills on the job
  • Include only the details needed to support practice
  • Think visually, as well as in narrative storytelling mode
  • Provide realistic practice. Even if learners might not use it on the job, practice stretches their thinking.
  • Strong participant engagement and skill development
  • Dealing with their own real-life issues increased on the job flexibility
  • Bosses reported new on-the-job behavior from learners
  • High participant eval ratings for “I will use this”